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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Water Water Everywhere

I've had a lovely few days. Mummy and I went to a play date yesterday at my friend Iskander's apartment. They live opposite us in another big tower. Mummy and Iski's mummy think we are good for each other as neither of us like to share and both of us shout! Yesterday we played nicely to start with and we had some yummy snacks together. Then his mummy had a great idea to fill the paddling pool up on the balcony for us to play in. I loved it, I got to splash and play with lots of toys. I'm not sure Iski liked me in his paddling pool though. He kept telling me off and got upset when I splashed him as he isn't keen on having water in his face, oops! We made a great mess together and let the water out of the pool on to the balcony so that it was slippery! I really enjoyed myself and can't wait to have my own pool to go out on my balcony whenever I want to!

Today was my last day with Amelie and Cora. We went to Boogie Babies which was amazing! I got to dance and play and Mummy sang! I had a brilliant time and can't wait to go again next week! I also got to sit under a parachute whilst the mummies wafted it up and down on us little ones! It was very funny. We had lunch together as well and then Cora and I had a little nap whilst the mummies ate. Amelie was full of energy though so she stayed awake and I think she was given chips! Wish I had stayed awake now too! I didn't like saying goodbye to my friends as it will be a long time before we see each other again! I will miss our play dates! When we came home, Mummy needed to keep me busy as I am not very well at the moment and when I'm under the weather I get miserable. She filled a box up with water for me to play with my toys on the balcony. It was so much fun, Mummy took some photos:
 I loved playing with the toys in the water but I was very keen to go in it, like the paddling pool at Iskander's! So mummy picked me up and plopped me in! I splashed lots and lots! She found it hard work though because I kept wanting to come out and go back in and come back out and go back in...
Daddy came home early and I started to feel more poorly so we went to the pharmacy to get me some more medicine. It seems to be helping. I even managed to eat some dinner when we got back. Mummy was a bit naughty and gave me a little piece of her chocolate too, I felt lots better after that! 
Daddy is at the gym now and it is time for me to have a bath before I get ready for bed. I'm not sleeping well with my teething and cold, so I need an early night. Daddy will be home tomorrow as it is a public holiday here! I can't wait to spend 3 days with him! On Friday we are going to go to the top of the Burj Khalifa- it is the tallest building in the whole world! I'll make sure Mummy takes pictures! 
I hope you have a lovely weekend. My Nanny, Grandad, Auntie Becci, Uncle Tommy, Auntie Charlotte and cousins are all going to Portugal on Saturday! I wish we were going too but I hope they have a wonderful time away and enjoy the sunshine as much as I do! 

Lots of love

Ella xx

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