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Friday, February 17, 2012

Germ Free!

Yesterday Mummy decided I was finally well enough to go out. I was very glad to get back to my Boogie Babies class in the morning, that was until I collided with another little girl and we banged heads! We are both sporting matching bruises too! I played in soft play after the class and then went for lunch with Eleanor and Freddy, and our mummies of course! Mummy had to go to Waitrose afterwards to get some food which I found exceptionally boring so fell asleep. 

Daddy was at home when we got back! I love having Daddy home early for the weekend. Mummy had arranged for friends to come over and play though so he soon hid in the bedroom watching TV. I'm not surprised, we make a lot of mess and noise! I had great fun though! Mummy had bought lots of snacks for us so we had a little tea party! I ate far too much so didn't have a lot for dinner. Daddy treated us to dinner at the hotel next door. Mummy and I shared a pizza and Daddy had a very bad steak. He was most disappointed. Poor Daddy, he should have had a pizza!

Today we were planning to go to the beach but a sand storm has put a stop to that. We are stuck indoors now and no idea how long for. I'm keeping busy playing with all of my toys though. Tomorrow we have to go to a government office to sort out our ID cards. That's going to be extremely boring! Mummy is hoping to take me to the playground afterwards so I won't mind too much. I hope you are all having a good week and have lots of fun plans for the weekend.

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xx 

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