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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sand Storm Again

Once again we have woken up and can't see much out of our window. I really don't like sand storms, they ruin all of our plans and you never know how long they'll last for! Daddy had to go to work this morning and we were a little worried about him driving in this weather, it's not very safe. Mummy was also a little annoyed that all the washing she had done yesterday is now covered in sand and has to be washed again! Not a fun way to spend another day but I can help her!

We had a lovely quiet weekend. I spent Thursday afternoon with Adriana and we took a walk along the Marina. Little did we know our mummies were planning to go shopping which we both hate! At least we got some pretty clothes from Gymboree and an ice cream each!  We also got to run around and play outside before we went to Adriana's house for dinner. I love having dinner there and I always get to stay up late! Daddy came home very early Friday morning so I didn't see him at all on Thursday. I was glad to have him home but he slept a lot as he was very tired.

When Daddy finally woke up, we went to Ibn Batutta Mall so he could get his haircut whilst Mummy and I went shopping. I was allowed to ride in the trolley with a big box of popcorn! I think Mummy was trying to keep me quiet as I don't like the supermarket! On Saturday Daddy said we could go to the playground. It was very hot though so we couldn't stay long. He laughed at me as I just go around in circles up and down the big slide! I wish we had a garden so that I could have my own slide. Mummy plans to get one when we come home, I can't wait! We were supposed to have friends over in the evening but we all had to postpone it until we come back from Thailand. We have lots of busy weekends ahead now!

I have no idea what we will do today now. We were supposed to go to a playgroup this morning but it's not a good idea to be out in a sand storm. Hopefully I can go and see Adriana later, I've asked Mummy to call her mummy for me! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and having better weather than us for a change!

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xx

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