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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

In the UK today, people will be celebrating their mummies! It will be on the 21st March that my Arabic friends will be celebrating their mummies. I decided to do something very different and celebrate my Mummy yesterday. Daddy has to work on a Sunday and I needed his help to give Mummy the special day she deserves. We woke up early and Daddy and I tidied up the mess I had left in the living room the evening before! Daddy washed the dishes and we made Mummy a cup of tea to have in bed. I gave her her first present. It was a spa voucher and she will have a manicure, pedicure, facial, shoulder, neck and back massage and have her eyebrows threaded (Mummy always complains that her eyebrows take over her face!)

We told Mummy to get showered and dressed ready for her next present. Daddy and I treated her to her favourite breakfast at Pauls along JBR. It was lovely and we all ate far too much! I got to eat lots of Mummies food and drink Daddies juice as they ordered more than they could really manage. It was delicious and I want to go again when my nanna and grandad get here. After breakfast we headed to the mall and took Mummy for a little retail therapy at the supermarket! I didn't like it there but Daddy had made a promise to take Mummy and I somewhere very special afterwards.

I napped after shopping so Mummy and Daddy did some real shopping and stopped at Starbucks for a coffee until I woke up. They took me to Peekaboo! I was very excited as I love the indoor play areas and it was even better with Daddy there as he never gets to go with me during the week. I made a little friend who insisted on us dressing up. She as a lion, me as a monkey! I laughed so much and so did Mummy and Daddy! I loved going up and down the big slide into the ball pit but after scaring my parents one too many times by putting my feet down half way down the slide and almost going head first, they insisted I go down on their lap or holding their hands! Silly Mummy, silly Daddy!

Last night, Daddy and Mummy went to The Address at Dubai Marina to meet a friend of Daddies from the UK and his wife. They had a chat over drinks and then showed Daddies friends the area that we live in. I spent the evening at my friend Adriana's and had so much fun! Her mummy and daddy took us for a walk along JBR and we came across a motor show that had lots of bouncy castles for us to jump on! Adriana and I love jumping! I didn't want to go home last night but was so tired by the time my parents came to get me that I feel straight to sleep!

Today, Mummy and I are poorly. We have sore throats and a cough so need to spend the day getting better! Nanny and Grandad are flying to Dubai tonight and as they won't be in until very late, Mummy and I have arranged to meet them in the morning for breakfast. i cannot wait to see them both! I hope that they have a safe flioght over and have lots of cool clothes as it's getting much warmer here now!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and a special Mothers Day! Make sure you all spoil your mummies!

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xxx

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