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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy St. Davids Day!

I'm not sure Daddy will like this post!

As my Mummy was born in Wales, I'm half Welsh and very proud of it! Today is St. Davids Day. I'm not entirely sure what it is all about but I do know that 1st March marks the death of St. David, The Patron Saint of Wales and was declared a national day of celebration around 300 years ago! When Mummy was little, she used to dress up in traditional Welsh costume like those worn by working women in Wales during the 18th and 19th Centuries. At her school they would hold an Eisteddfod and all the children would compete in singing, arts, music, etc competitions. Mummy loved them because they meant a day off school work! Naughty mummy! People in Wales also wear a daffodil to mark the occasion. I'm a little bit sad that we haven't been able to get one for me to wear over here!

A Traditional Welsh Costume

Mummy also ate Welsh cakes that my Great Grandma would make. We had some last year that Aoife's mummy Lara sent over to us! They were delicious. Mummy had said that she would make them this year but she is on a big diet so decided it wasn't such a good idea. I wasn't impressed at all! I was even less impressed when I went on Facebook this morning and saw that my Uncle Matthew had made them. They looked so tasty!

Uncle Matthew's Yummy Welsh Cakes!

So whether you celebrate it or not, I hope you all have a very happy St. Davids Day today!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

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