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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Going to be a BIG Sister!

Mummy, Daddy and I will be getting a very exciting present this Christmas! We are having a baby! I'm really looking forward to having someone I can play with and boss around at home all of the time! Mummy is doing really well despite being tired and feeling sick sometimes. I make sure I give her lots of cuddles and Daddy and I always tell her to rest when I am being looked after in nursery during the week. I've noticed Daddy is being extra helpful and has been coming home early to get me ready for bed. I love that he has been home to eat dinner with me and bathe me so much! He is much more fun than Mummy.

Mummy and Daddy have been to the hospital to look at the baby on a screen. They showed me a photo but I couldn't really see a baby, it looked more like a big blob. I didn't tell them that though, I just went along with it being a baby! My parents will get to see our baby a few more times before baby is born and I'm hoping Mummy will find out if it is a boy or a girl so that I can start buying presents!  I think it would be best if we have another girl though, everything in my house is pink!

Mummy and I are playing with my dolls a lot and she is showing me how to be gentle with babies. I find my dolls stop crying when I stick a dummy in their mouths or feed them from the bottle. I don't know why Mummy and Daddy are worried about having another baby, I think it'll be a piece of cake and I'll be there to show them what to do after all my doll baby practice!

Lots of love

Ella (big sister to be) xxxx

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  1. Awww thats so cute :) Congratulations! xxx