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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our 2012 UK Trip

We are back in the sandpit- 17 days went far too quickly! Mummy, Daddy and I had such a lovely time at home, we wished we had planned to stay longer. Our trip didn't start too well. The morning that we were due to fly, I woke with a temperature but after some medicine I felt fine. That was until we got on the plane. I spent the entire flight sleeping or just sat watching Mickey Mouse and felt awful. I didn't want to eat or drink anything and just needed cuddles now and again. When we landed, we got through security and baggage very quickly and waited for my Nanny & Granddad. I was so pleased to see them, Nanny gave me a Minnie Mouse teddy too! I went back in their car whilst Mummy and Daddy picked up our hire car and met us back at their house. I was very pleased when Aunty Becci arrived too but it was already 9pm (midnight for my body clock) and I soon fell asleep on Mummy.

I woke the following morning and played with Granddad whilst we waited for my cousins to come over and have breakfast with us. I loved seing the boys again and forgot that I wasn't feeling very well whilst we ate and played together. We then set off to Kent to spend a few days with Nanny & Granddad White. I slept for the whole journey and when we arrived, I felt terrible. Mummy gave me some more medicine and tried to make me eat but I really didn't want to- not even the birthday cake that Nanny had bought for me. Mummy noticed a few spots appear on my tummy later that evening so Daddy had to come home from the pub as she was worried (like she always is when I'm not well!). I felt much better the next day and spent the morning playing with Rose and Nannies dog Roxy.

We stayed at my grandparents for 5 days and didn't do very much. It was great, Daddy was very relaxed for the first time in a long time! Granddad took me to the park one afternoon and I was thrilled to find a sandpit there! We also spent an evening at Daddies Aunty and Uncles house where I played 'Olympics' with my cousins. Mummy said I did a great job of running and jumping! My Great Granddad came for dinner one evening too and I liked him a lot when he gave me money and told Mummy to buy me an ice cream!

It was sad to say goodbye to my family in Kent but we had to head back for my cousin Ollie's birthday that weekend. I was very excited when Mummies friend Sarah arrived on Thursday to spend the afternoon with us. We went for lunch and whilst I was busy eating, they talked excitedly about Sarah's wedding next year. It all sounds very lovely, Mummy can't wait! We spent Friday at the Monkey Forest in Trentham with my Grandparents, Aunties and cousins. I got a bit bored after I spotted a few monkeys so just ran off and explored all of the greenery! I was amazed by how many trees there were! Ollie had his party on Saturday, it was football themed but I wasn't allowed to join in with the games as Mummy said I would get hurt. Nanny Irene came to stay and we had dinner at Aunty Becci's afterwards. I fell asleep there and woke up back at Nanny and Granddads the following morning.

I went to my friend Oscar's birthday party on the Sunday. It was a lot of fun and I was very happy when we were all allowed to play in the garden. Daddy came to pick us up later and wasn't feeling very well- he had been at the pub all night with his friend Gary! When we got back to Nannies house, Evodia and Ian came to visit us. It was all so tiring that I had an early night. It was just as well as Aunty Claire, Uncle Garfyn and my cousins arrived the next day. Before they arrived, I met my bestest friend in the world for breakfast! We also visited some ducks whilst our mummies chatted and they had a lot to talk about! I had dinner at Frankie and Benny's that evening with my family which was great fun. Charlie and I sat together and watched Mickey Mouse on my iPad whilst the grown ups talked ( a lot!)

The following morning, we all went to the park but Daddy had to go to work. It was sunny and quite warm but Mummy insisted on putting a coat on me- I felt a fool as I was the only one wearing a coat! Nanny & Granddad joined us for lunch at the park and then Mummy and I had to leave and go into Birmingham to do some shopping. We bought shoes and accessories for my Aunty and Uncles wedding and then met up with Daddy before going to Wagamamas with Kiran and Sarah for dinner. I really liked noodles! Daddy was back in work on Wednesday so Mummy and I met with most of my baby friends at Annabels house. I loved seeing everyone again and especially liked seeing Annabels dog Paddy! We had lunch together and then had to say goodbye as we had more shopping to do! Daddy came home with Sian that evening and we had dinner at the Hedgehog before she had to go back to Oxford. On Thursday, Mummy and Daddy took me to the farm with Aunty Becci and the boys. I had a brilliant time feeding and petting animals, sitting on a pony and riding in a tractor! I think Daddy enjoyed it as much as I did too!

Our last weekend was spent in Wales celebrating Aunty Claire and Uncle Garfyn's big day. It was really lovely and I was able to stay up dancing until 10pm! Everyone seemed to be having a great day and my Aunty looked beautiful. Sunday was a very sad day. We had to say goodbye to family. I was especially sad to say bye to Aunty Charlotte and her boyfriend Jason. They live in Australia and we don't see them very much. Mummy and Daddy are hoping that we can fly over there before we leave Dubai and spend some time with them. I hope it is soon! Back at Nannies, Aunty Becci, Uncle Matthew and the boys came over for dinner as it was our last night. Mummy managed to pack most of the cases too so the following morning wasn't too chaotic. My cousins came over and we had to say goodbye to Aunty Becci before she went to work. Mummy cried again!

I was very excited that my Grandparents and cousins came to the airport with us to say goodbye. Mummy doesn't like being on our own when we go there. We had lunch together and before we knew it, we were on the plane and flying 'home'. We can't go back to the UK this year as my Mummy can't fly. My grandparents are planning to come over two days after Christmas for a couple of weeks though as they want to be able to help Mummy and Daddy when my baby brother arrives. Nanny White will also come over when they go home so I'm looking forward to seeing them all then. I wish the rest of my family could come too though.

I hope you've enjoyed reading all about my adventures in the UK. It was lovely to see so many of you and such a shame that I didn't see everyone I'd hoped to this time.

Lots of love


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