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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Long Weekend

Thursday was a public holiday over here so Daddy was home with us for an extra day this weekend and I didn't go to nursery. He still had to work, but it was nice to have him at home with us. Mummy, Michael and I had a lazy morning watching films and playing with my toys and in the afternoon we had to go food shopping which is never fun! I was also a little miserable as I had conjuntivitis. Mummy had got some eye drops for me though and by Friday night, they were all better. Luckily, I didn't pass it on to Michael either.

I was still feeling under the weather all day Friday so we decided to stay in and play. We went out on my bike in the evening though and Daddy treated us to ice cream. We had arranged to go for lunch with Adriana and her family on Saturday so I was glad to wake up with normal eyes again in the morning! We went to a burger place in the marina that has a little play area. It was a lot of fun and after all the running around, we enjoyed our lunch whilst watching Mickey Mouse on the iPad.

I was back in nursery this morning and very keen to show my teacher how I can use the toilet like a big girl now. Mummy took me in armed with lots of spare clothes as she is worried I might have an accident! I used my potty and the toilet quite a few times over the weekend so I think I have almost got the hang of it. Mummy and Daddy are very proud of me which is nice, ut even better is getting sweets when I remember to go on the potty!

This afternoon my friends Jack and Charlie are coming over to play. I can't wait as I haven't seen them since before Christmas. We have lots of playing to do together to make up for it! I hope you are all enjoying the weekend back home and hopefully the weather is improving. it's getting warmer here which is great as we have more visitors over the next few weeks!

Lots of love,

Ella xx

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