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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Boat Trip

I spent yesterday morning playing in the swimming pool at Nanny & Grandad's hotel. It was great fun but I was a little bit cold when I finally got out! Mummy and Michael came to meet us and we went out for lunch along the marina where we found a restaurant with a play area outside. I was too busy playing to eat my lunch which Mummy didn't seem too happy about! Afterwards we wandered along the marina and went for coffee and cake before looking at the Dubai ferry and deciding that nanny, Mummy, Michael and I would take a trip the next morning whilst Daddy and Grandad were in work.

The boat was good fun, especially as the water was quite rough so we were bouncing up and down over the waves! Michael didn't seem so keen though. The journey took us up to the Atlantis on the Palm and back so we saw lots of tourist sites of Dubai. It only lasted an hour and I didn't want to get off! Mummy said she was really pleased that I sat in my chair and looked out of the window for the entire time. We had to go to a cafe afterwards as Michael needed his milk. Mummy bought a cake for me for being so good! Then I was dragged around shops again as Nanny needed more shoes! After lunch, Mummy, Michael and I all went to bed for a couple of hours as we were shattered. My brother keeps waking up around 3am and refuses to go back to sleep for hours! He wakes me up with all his noise, I get upset when Michael is crying, I really don't like it!

Tomorrow my Grandparents are flying to Doha for the night. I've arranged for Eleanor to come over and play in the morning. I can imagine our mummies will have lots to talk about as usual! I'm back in nursery on Thursday too and can't wait to see my friends and teachers. Nanny and Grandad will be back by the time I get home and then we are going to the Dubai Mall to have dinner with Daddy and watch the fountains, one of my favourite things to do here! It's a shame this week is going so fast, I'm really going to miss Nanny and Grandad when they leave on Saturday. I'll have to make the most of them being here for now!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

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