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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Me, Mummy & Michael

Our visitors have come to a stop for the time being and Daddy is back to work as normal so it's just Mummy at home with Michael and I now. I think she was a little bit worried on Sunday but we managed just fine. I went to nursery in the morning and played so much that I went straight to bed when we got home! Mummy said Michael had just wanted to be cuddled and played on his play gym most of the morning so she didn't have to do much at all. Daddy was home in time for dinner and bath time which really helped.

On Monday we had a day at home together and Mummy played with me for most of the day. Michael just sat and watched us until he got hungry! He shouts a lot when he wants his milk. I don't like it when he does this, I find it very upsetting so I always tell Mummy to hurry up and feed him. Daddy was home in time again to help at bath time but then he worked until after midnight as he has so much to do at the moment. Poor Daddy, it's just as well we have a 3 day weekend coming up.

I was back in nursery yesterday and Mummies friend Hannah came over to meet Michael in the afternoon whilst I was in bed. Daddy popped home briefly but then he had to go to the airport as he is working away. Mummy really wasn't looking forward to being on her own overnight with us but it was fine and I helped look after Michael. He slept really well and I didn't hear him until 6:30am this morning. We have spent the morning in our pyjamas watching cartoons and playing with my trains.

Cuddles in bed with a grumpy Michael

I'm off to play with Adriana this afternoon as I haven't seen her since Christmas! I can't wait! Daddy will be home tonight too and we can start our long weekend together. Hopefully he won't have to work!

Lots of love

Ella xx

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